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National Holiday Calendar on iPhone

What's today's national holiday?

Contains countless national and international days and its descriptions, both official, but also those less official and more fun, like "Leave the Office Early Day."

Add National Holidays To Your iPhone's Calendar

Subscribe to national days calendar and find something unique to celebrate every day.

Impress your friends!

Share the quirky facts & celebrations with friends and family using social media, emails or messages.

Device with Holiday Today app screnshot. Contents: National Puppy Day. National Puppy Day celebrates the love and happiness that puppies bring to our lives and promotes the adoption of puppies.

Conversation Starter

Just begin with "Did you know that today is National Puppy Day?", and the conversation will flow naturally from there.

"I’ve only downloaded the app for a few minutes ...This already helped me contact with old friends and Family and make us laugh and enjoy!"

Don't know what to cook tonight?

Find many food and culinary celebrations, a great inspiration for food lovers.

"I check it every day. I even found out that I was born on Cranky Co-Workers Day.... Still not sure how to take this turn of events."

Device with Holiday Today app screnshot. Contents: National Cheesecake Day. Coming in different styles and shapes, cheesecake is among the most popular and beloved cakes 🍰 worldwide.

Reason to celebrate every day

Now you can give yourself a reason to celebrate and impress your friends with full collection of these fun, unusual national days and unique holidays!

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Constant updates

Over 2000 events and counting!


Add home screen widget that shows daily holidays


Search for holidays in the app or using your iPhone system search

Synchronize with calendar

Add national holidays to your iPhone or iPad (iOS) calendar and never miss favorite celebrations!

Everyday is a holiday!

Download Holiday Today now and check what national days are today.

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